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About Me

Let me introduce myself

That's me!

I am a master’s student in physics at Heidelberg University, Germany, living in Malmö, Sweden. Currently, I conduct my Master’s project at Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, as a part of Team Ocean.

During my Bachelor’s at Heidelberg University, I specialized on computational physics, and conducted my thesis project as a member of the Terrestrial Systems group at IUP, Heidelberg.

Although I have been doing Environmental Physics for a while now, I mostly see myself as a ‘computer guy’. I have a passion for software, modelling, and visualization.

My personal interests cover a wide range between Coding and Technology, Art and Design, Science, and Pop Culture (and so does my blog). My tools of choice are Ubuntu, Python, Jupyter notebooks, InkScape, some LaTeX, and some C++.

Code Projects


A numerical solver for the Richards equation (soil water flow in unsaturated media), based on the DUNE framework, and developed at the Institute of Environmental Phyics, Heidelberg (unreleased).

Enhanced Botero Model

An open source package for simulations of animal species based on a model proposed by Botero et al., 2015. View on GitHub.

This homepage

This homepage (including the blog) is entirely static and hosted on GitHub Pages. It is created using Pelican, a static site creator based on Python. The theme of this homepage is based on molivier‘s “Nest”, but was heavily altered and extended by myself to fit my needs.

If you like, you can have a look at the sources at GitHub. Everything you see here is open-source, so feel free to use it for your own project!


Master’s thesis

I run ocean simulations using the CESM climate model in order to examine the dependence of the meridional overturning current (MOC) on friction against the western ocean boundary. My work consists of some modelling, and a lot of data evaluation.

Bachelor’s thesis

In my Bachelor’s thesis, I implemented and benchmarked adaptive grid refinement in a numerical solver for the Richards equation, a partial differential equation describing soil water flow. See also DORiE at my code projects.


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